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"IT'S THAT TIME" was written to focus on the many and often neglected concerns men live with on a daily basis. Their unsettled questions, a source of perplexity, really needs to be at the forefront of discussions, especially with women, if the church is to survive or even at the very least, improve. It is true, men do suffer in silence!

This booklet does not attempt to present overall detailed solutions. It will, though, create examination and generate REAL TALK. That is the starting point.  The contents are very important practical information, influenced by God's Word, for all, but in particular, for the Watchmen. 

What's Inside: 

How to Start a Men’s Ministry
Verbal Abuse
Faith in a Person
Missing the Mark on Leadership
Marriage: Aren’t You Your Own Person? 
Second Class Citizenship in Your Marriage
     Click On The Cover To Download             What About Interdependence?
                                                                     What Interdependence Really Means
                                                                     Saving Your Marriage by Saying Nothing at All
                                                                     It’s That Time
                                                                     Men Marry Their Imaginations
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